Corpus Christi Clock, Cambridge

The Corpus Christi Clock is a unique and strange device for the measurement of time. It is both hypnotically beautiful and deeply disturbing. It was invented, designed and given to Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, by Dr John C Taylor.
Dr Taylor commissioned Matthew to create the Chronophage on top of the clock. This monster was inspired by the invention of the grasshopper escapement of John Harrison
in the early 1720’s. As each minute progresses, the Chronophage slowly opens his jaws.
On the 59th second the jaws snap shut, as he eats the minute; “you can then never get that minute back!” It is deliberately sinister – very much a reflection of medieval Domesday times. But it is certainly a contemporary piece that belongs to today and reminds us all to make the most of the time which we have been given.