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Matthew Lane Sanderson

Sanderson Sculpture

Beautifully crafted, ingenious focal points, for permanent display.

Based in Herefordshire with his young family, on the border between England and Wales, Matt creates Big Art – beautifully crafted, ingenious focal points for permanent display. His 20 years of prolific making have led to over seventy installed civic projects across the U.K and internationally.

He is a commissioned sculptor of steel, copper and bronze and despite these materials resistant nature is known for creating bold yet delicate and graceful sculptures with natural themes and mythic creatures on a monumental scale.

Large scale feats of civic fine art are now familiar territory. Which include his work with Dr. John Taylor creating the ‘Chronophage’ AKA ‘The Corpus Clock’ in Cambridge (U.K.) which receives over five million visitors annually. Recently in 2017 a major work ‘Crowned Stag’ was unveiled. Sited in Beaulieu, Chelmsford and reaching three storeys tall, weighing six tons and two hundred and seventy eight cubic metres in volume It is set to become a major local tourist attraction.

Whether big or small he invests heavily in primary observation, is uncompromising in the distillation of concepts and has become expert at fusing structural Art with natural Engineering.