Entrances & Portals

I love making sculptural pieces through which people can travel.

I have an early memory, perhaps of an image in a school textbook, of a car driving through a tunnel cut in the base of a giant redwood tree. I dislike the idea that anyone could cut into such a tree but loved the scale of the feat. Once i had begun to see humanity as simply another species on Earth, not THE species mastering Earth, i was free to explore scale and symbiotic concepts more.

I am constantly inspired by natural forms. Even the biggest works i have created are still only small ‘nods’ to the matter and forces that inspired me.  Natural symmetry, balance, growth patterns and natural logarythmic progression are an endless (logically) wonder and resource.


I have been commissioned to create many entrance Gateways.  They can at first seem such a simple technical requirement. They are common place after all.  But even the slightest deviation from the standard requires much engineering and proportional balance. This extra technical work is something i really enjoy developing and often becomes the basis of my designs rather than being limited by them.