Stag Sphere / The Crowned Stag

The latest public landmark sculpture by Matthew Lane Sanderson which in six tons of steel and standing ten metres high heralds the entrance to a new town ‘Beaulieu’, just north of Chelmsford. Comprising the regal reflection of a stag under a tree, fabricated from zinc coated steel and set on a reflected crown base, the intricate spherical sculpture has been designed to reflect the heritage of the site, a former deer park owned by King Henry VIII as part of his Tudor Palace and estate parkland. A poem also by the Artist, is set into the crown structure and reads;

 All things held in one small globe,

 Spinning eternal in endless strobe.

 Plants, water, animals, light.

 Future, past, day, night.

 All is balanced on everyone’s crown,

 In every country, every town.

 Quote by MLS 2017

“This work of Art shall forever mark the status of this place both past, present and future. And it’s a symbol that not only conveys the beauty of natural form, but the hope we all share for balance in all things.”